2bridges: Steps to Get the Best Wedding Photography Service

Ah! It’s the season of weddings again! Planning a wedding is stressful enough but finding the right wedding photographer for your grand day is the most complex thing. Photographs are precious. Photographs are captivation of the perfect moment that you gaze upon as the years pass on. It is a wonderous feeling.  Services like 2bridges bring the opportunity for you to admire the regal beauty of your most special day.

Hiring the perfect wedding photography service is challenging. There are a couple of factors that you must look into to get a service that serves you rightfully and gives you the best wedding pictures possible.


The list that can be followed to land up with the best wedding photographers:

  1. The newly wedded friends and family members’ recommendations.
  2. Social media testimonials and recommendations.
  3. A discussion with the wedding photographer including:
  • All the available dates that they can offer.
  • Package prices must be checked. It is important to know whether you could afford the package deal or not.
  • Payment policies and additional charges.
  • The number of photographers that will be included on the day of the event.
  • Package inclusions such as videography, hard and soft copies of photographs, etc.
  • In the case of destination weddings, the lodging and accommodation demands as well as, the extra charges that may be inflicted.
  • All the policies of pre and post wedding date.
  • The kind of shots that they must include, such as, candid shots, solo shots, and angles. If you can include samples of pictures that you would like the wedding photographers to click, it would be an even more beneficial to you.
  • Approximate delivery date and policies of late delivery.


After the selection of a wedding photography service, what you need to do:

  • Sign up an official contract with the wedding photography service.
  • Record keeping of the official contract and policies.


With valuable services like the 2 bridges, any bride in New York can bring out the transcending beauty that they are.

Written By Ellidh Clark