How to Get an Amazon Echo Dot without Alexa?

You can find a growing number of people who have been making use of the Amazon Echo. The smart phone has a very huge reputation of going high. Amazon not wanting to be left behind the drama has made a major announcement where two spinoff portable versions which are known as Tap and Dot will be released.


Learn more about the Tap and the Dot


The best part about them is that they are cheaper and bring out a new change. According to Dot comes with the Echo speaker setup. However, you will want to know that you have to make use of the button on the top before you decide to make voice commands. The portable version also comes with a rechargeable battery.

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It also comes with a base where the smart phone can be placed when you are not using it. The same can be said about the Tap. However, it is much smaller and it comes with a high quality speaker that is not as good as the previous speakers. Users who are interested in buying the speakers can do so using and get it however it is not possible with the Dot.


You will also want to know that ordering the Amazon Echo Do can be done so using the voice commands on the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Echo technology. As mentioned on padtronics, unless you have either of them, you can make use of them. Alexa will answer to voice commands and then you can order the Echo Dot.


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Written By Ellidh Clark