Understanding the body language of cats through their eyes

The best way to communicate with a cat is establishing an eye contact with them. Even in the case of us humans, we can look at their eyes and understand if they are happy, feeling low or is excited. Though in the case of the cats, the experiences are different, but still, one can understand from their eyes. Things that we acknowledge or agree with, cats are different, they find those things intimidating. Once we start knowing the natural instincts of the cat, it becomes more understandable. The cats are very keen regarding the environment that they are in. Once the cats get the feeling of being watched, they start measuring the threat and start suspecting the ones who are watching them.


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  • When you keep staring at a cat continuously, they start feeling very uncomfortable and intimidated. This is why; the cats try to resolve any kind of dispute with the opponent cat by staring at them continuously, without blinking for even once.


  • A staring that is belligerent gives willpower to the cats.


  • Direct eye contact between two cats should be cut off immediately, or they will start a fight, which will be extremely difficult to stop. Cutting off the eye contact means they do not see a threat coming and continue doing whatever they were doing.


  • If you have invited your friends over, and you cat enters the room to grab food from there, they are more likely to approach a person who is ignoring them, instead of going towards a person who is looking directly at the cat.


  • If a person is blinking while looking at the cat, then the cat is at ease, and he does not see any threat coming from that person.


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Written By Ellidh Clark